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Fabulous Fun Firework crafts!


Here are two super easy firework crafts for you to do with your little one. When teaching, I always did firework pictures and writing after bonfire night. That way the children are more likely to understand what we are talking about and may have experienced seeing some fireworks. As they make their picture, you can talk to them about what they have seen. What colours and shapes did they see? What were the noises like? Give them new words to describe what they have seen. This is great for language development and understanding. These crafts are also great for fine motor skills.

For picture one you will need:

Paper (black is best)

Toilet/kitchen roll tube


glitter and glue (optional)

Use the scissors to snip all around the end of the toilet roll and then fan out the little tabs you have created. It’s great to let young children to have a go at snipping with scissors while supervised. It really helps with their fine motor control. They sometimes need to use both hands to begin with.

Dip the end of the toilet roll into paint and and get splodging!! The beauty of this is that they look more firework like the more random they are on the paper which is great for toddlers!

If you like you can also add glue and glitter. I love to add a bit of sparkle!

For picture two you will need:

paper (black is best)

cupcake cases



Take a cupcake case. Mine were white so we coloured them using paint sticks. Snip the cupcake case all the way around and then stick it down.

Repeat this as many times as you like! Again add glitter if you wish!

Have fun! Please share your creations with me!

Katie x

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