Play Dough Master Piece!


Ever wondered what to do with your little ones play dough master pieces?
Did you now you can air dry play dough and it goes HARD like clay!

My 3 year old daughter was happily playing with the play dough just after Christmas while I was tidying the house. She came over and said she had made her and daddy out of play dough.

I walked over and saw two lovely play dough people and knew straight away that I had to keep them for her daddies birthday present.


I just left them on the board they were on and put them in a warm dry place to dry. I left them for about a month but they probably dry a lot quicker than that. My 2 year old son made the flowers during a Little Learners class and i put that on the board to dry to.

As it neared daddies birthday we went shopping for a frame, card, glue and letter beads and this was the finished product.

Play Dough

Daddy was very happy with his homemade present.

I hope you make some lovely homemade presents from your little ones play dough creations and if any of my Little Learners make some in class feel free to take them home.


From Jessica, Tahnee and Tobin.



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