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Easter Bunny Masks


We’ve been getting crafty this week both at home and at our Gateshead class making our very own Easter Bunny Masks!! Issabella loved creating hers with her Marmar on Thursday, so i took some crafty bits along to class this weekend for my Little Learners to make their own ready for the Easter Bunny’s arrival.

Here’s what you’ll need to create your very own Easter Bunny Mask

White & pink card

PVA Glue

Cotton wool balls

Lolly pop stick

Pink pompom or pink paint

Glue Spreader

Scissors/Safety Scissors


How to make your Easter Bunny Mask

  • Firstly draw a figure of 8 and two eye holes one your white card and cut out. Using your pink card draw two bunny ears and cut out, If you have an older one encourage them with the Safety scissors to follow the lines to cut out the shapes.
  • Next turn over your mask and glue your ears to the top pointing upwards and your lolly stick to one side of the mask to create your handle. Turn your mask back over and cover the mask and outline of your bunny ears with glue.
  • Now the fun bit……. pull apart the cotton wool ball and begin sticking it to you mask leaving a gap for your bunny nose, once all is covered add your pink pompom or cotton wool dipped in pink paint to form your bunny nose.

There you have it your very own Easter Bunny Mask!! Don’t forget to send us pictures of your finished masks ­čÖé

Happy Easter Everyone 

Emma x – Gateshead East & South Tyneside┬á



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