Creative Halloween Ideas


With Halloween around the corner, it is time to flex your creative muscles! If you are short of ideas, here are some creative ideas to get you flying high. Try these ideas with your kids to have a real Halloween Blast!

Soaps with Spiders

For this activity, you’ll need a transparent glycerine soap, microwavable jar, plastic spider, soap mould, soap colour and some scented oil.

Place the soap in a microwave-friendly jar or a measuring cup. Melt it in a microwave. The soap should melt completely.

Switch off after 5 seconds and stir the soap to check if it has melted completely. If not, microwave it again for 5 seconds. Continue for 5 more seconds if the soap has not melted completely.

Once the soap is completely melted, add a few drops of soap colour and scented oil, and stir the mixture.

Now, put the plastic spider in the soap mould. Pour the melted soap on it and allow it to cool. The soap can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to cool. Once they have cooled, your kids can enjoy the spooky spider soaps.

If you want to make more spooky spider soaps, purchase a block of soap.

Scary Skeleton Hands  

Let your kids paint their hands and wrists white. Take a print of the hand and wrist on a thick black paper. Allow it to dry. Have the kids stick some cotton swabs on the print so that it resembles a spooky skeleton’s hand.

Eerie Lollypops

This Halloween have a great time making a ghost of a treat!

Take a lollipop and wrap it around a tissue paper. Hold the tissue in place with an elastic band. Cover the elastic band with a shiny ribbon. Your ghost head is ready!

Complete the face by making a pair of eyes using a black permanent marker.

Use two tissue papers so that the lollypop is not visible when someone sees the tiny ghost. Wrap the lollypop first in a thickly-folded tissue. Wrap once again in a bigger fully-open tissue.

Use ribbons in Halloween colours. For example, you could go for a black-and-orange or a black-red combination.

Press the marker on the tissue when making eyes to prevent ink from bleeding.

Little Learners

If you are looking for more fun this Halloween, think of Little Learners. You and your kids will have loads of fun and some great learning too.

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