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Christmas Snow Globe Plate!


A brilliant activity for you and your little one on the run up to the festive season – make your own Christmas Snow Globe Plate!

I was looking for a fabulous Christmas craft to make with my Little Learners when I stumbled across these amazing Christmas Snow Globe Plates and thought my classes and my own children would love them!!

What you need

  • Plastic plate
  • Card
  • Pen
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Polystyrene balls
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Glue
  • Christmas crafts, stickers, googly eyes etc
  • Paint and felt tips(optional)

How to make one…

First you will need your plate, card and a pen. place the plate on the card and draw round it.  Tahnee my 4 year old loved doing this herself and was so proud of her circle.

You then need to cut your circle out, Tobin my 2 year old loves to cut and can use scissors correctly.  


The fun bit comes next – decorating.  You can help or even create your snow plate if your little ones are too young or you can let them loose with all the crafts!  Some top tips are leave a space at the bottom as the balls will cover that bit and don’t stick pom poms too close to the side or the plate wont stick on.  Leave to dry, we left ours until the next day to make sure it was dry.

Place  your plate  on a flat surface and put the polystyrene balls in it.  Turn you glue gun on and lay your card on the plate.  Make  sure your glue gun is nice and hot before you start.  Lift up a little bit of the card up at a time a run a small beed of glue on the rim of the plate.  Hold the plate where you have glued for a few seconds to make sure it has stuck.

Once you have gone all the way round check that there are no gaps before lifting it up (I didn’t check one and all the balls fell out!) Once you are happy that there are no holes stick the pipe cleaner on and hold that in place for a few seconds.


My classes and my own two had a blast making a Christmas Snow Globe plate and ours are now hanging on our wall as part of our Christmas decorations.

I hope you enjoyed the blog and make some brilliant snow plates,  feel free to share your creations with me at Little Learners Durham.

Happy Christmas!

Jessica, Tahnee and Tobin



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