Christmas Card Crafts: Paper Straw Christmas Trees

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It’s that time of year that those of us who love doing crafts with our children can get creative – with these Christmas card crafts! I didn’t fancy doing a handprint reindeer or Christmas tree this year. So I found a lovely, creative alternative that helps little ones practice a number of skills: paper straw Christmas trees!

What you’ll need: card, coloured/patterned paper straws, PVA glue, scissors, glitter (optional).

Chop up the straws into different lengths, then arrange them into a Christmas tree or triangle shape on your card with shortest piece at the top and longest at the bottom. Add a couple of straws vertically at the bottom for the tree trunk.

My little one loves cutting, so away he went chopping the straws up himself. Great fine motor skills practice. When it came to arranging the straws to make a Christmas tree, he wasn’t too bothered about ordering them by length as you can tell! But it was a good opportunity to talk about length and practice making comparisons with words like ‘longer’ and ‘longest’.

I think his turned out to be the wonkiest, most adorable Christmas tree I’ve seen! After the straws were stuck down, we had fun decorating the tree by adding glitter ‘baubles’. You can use anything you’ve got lying around – sequins, bits of tinsel, foil or even draw on some ‘decorations’ with crayon or pen.

I hope you enjoy making these Christmas card crafts with your little learners! And of course, please feel free to share the result with us! Merry Christmas everybody!

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