Celebrating our Mark Makers Story Books This World Book Day!


As the country celebrate their favourite books far and wide on World Book Day 2021,

We thought we’d take the opportunity to celebrate our very own Mark Makers Story & Activity Books! 

Did you know we have our very own range of Mark Makers Story Books AND an Activity book too!!? 
Perfect for helping your little ones with their early writing skills at home!

‘The Mark Makers’ is an innovative early writing programme for under 5’s to help your little ones develop the skills they need to be prepared and confident when it comes to writing at school.

The programme is made up of 4 lovable Mark Maker characters to represent the 4 principal marks that form all numbers, letters, patterns and shapes. Once your child is able to make each of the 4 marks, they will then be able to write any letter or number.

There is:

  • Lionel the Solider Mark for straight lines.
  • Archie the Rainbow Mark for curves.
  • Swirlo the Magic Pot Mark for circles.
  • Ziggy the Monster Mark for zig-zags.

Order your Mark Makers Story Books World Book Day 2021 to begin the journey of teaching your Little Learner to write by Making their Mark. 

Our Activity Book provides the basics to help your little one practice their mark making at home.
Meet each of our characters along the way and be introduced to their unique marks.
Encourage your little ones to practice their marks, which will help them to form their letters, shapes and numbers.

Don’t forget to make it fun too!!
Why not let them Make Their Marks in sand, flour or even custard!!

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