Bath time fun!


I just LOVE using bath time to try out some of my class activities and love watching my kids having fun but also learning a few new skills at the same time. Water play is always a massive hit at little learners classes but with it being January and FREEZING then water play is somewhat limited. Therefore, I love using bath time at home for some messy play and learning – sometimes in the middle of the day too! In fact, the kids were driving me wild last week so they had a bath a 2pm whilst I lay on the bathroom floor with a flannel over my eyes to get 5 minutes of peace! #mumwin #anythingforsomequiet

Keep them busy!

Now that my two are 2 and 5 they, need a bit more than just some rubber ducks and stacking cups to entertain them some days and I found a fab little bath activity to entertain them last week. (I keep the bath toys and activities on a rotation so they don’t get too bored of them!) So anyway.. here’s my latest little activity! Very cheap, very easy and very fun!

Pipettes and an ice cube tray! Easy Peasy!

I’m all for any activity that is multi functional!

1. This one is fun (the pipettes also act as amazing squirter guns FYI! I learnt that the hard way!)

2. It has tonnes of maths advantages (talk about capacity, measuring, volume)

3. It is fab for building up their social and language skills (they have to follow instructions and can talk about what they’re doing)

4. Of course they’re working their fine motor skills too (finger muscles) and honing their control (don’t squeeze too hard or all of the water in the ice cube tray will blow out!)

5. The pipets are lovely colours too so my little one named the colours too. Endless possibilities.

6. Noah talked about floating and sinking the next night by filling the ice cube trays up.

7. It’s great for their imaginative play! Marley turned it into a birthday cake at one point and ‘blew’ the candles out on it! I love how a cheap random object can instantly become anything their imagination can dream up! Boats, cakes, a raft… I heard it all that week. Of course the pipettes soon lose their appeal so I’ve packed them away for a couple of weeks. But they’ll be back out and the kids will love them again. This week we have bath bombs and bath crayons… anything for some mark making!

What you will need:

Small silicone pippets: I used these colourful ones from Amazon. So easy for little fingers to hold.

6 Pieces Silicone and Plastic Droppers Pipettes for Candy Molds, Gummy Mold and Crafts, 5 ML

I also used a silicone ice cube tray – mine was £1.50 from pound stretcher!

If you like the sound of our little bath time activity and fancy trying out a Little Learners Messy Play class then why not check out a class in your area? We are the biggest and best Messy play company in the country for a reason! Come and have some fun with us!

Love Holly, LL Southport xx

2 responses to “Bath time fun!”

  1. Karen Rushworth says:

    ooo – love this! x x

  2. Elinor says:

    Oooh love this idea. We love bath time and I’m always looking for new activities.
    So much learning can come from bath time activities xxx

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