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Little Learners at Home!


My name is Alicja and I run the Little Learners classes across East Renfrewshire and East Ayrshire. I would like to invite you to join me in class! Yes, I do realise all the classes have been currently suspended but I am here to show you the new way of attending at home classes! We are going to be learning and having fun through the media of online world, while following the government guidelines and staying home

You must have a thousand questions running through your head right now. Below are some of the answers.

How does it work?
When you sign up, you will be invited to join a specially created Facebook group, where I am uploading all the info you need to organise Little Learners activities at home. It is a private group and only the members are able to see your comments and posts. This is a supportive and welcoming community, where you will find inspiration and top tips on how to get organised and stay motivated.

What specific info is it?
– Activities list for the upcoming week
– Shopping list
– Equipment list
– Recipes
– Activity ideas
– A video with the starter activity
– How to make… tutorials
– Our award winning Mark Making Guide in digital form
– Certificates in digital form, ready to be printed out
– And 2 bonus videos:
1. How do I get started with messy play at home?
2. How do I successfully make the activities part of our home life?


Want to make the prep work easier?
If you live within East Renfrewshire or East Ayrshire you can upgrade to the Premium Membership or the Premium Plus Membership.

What is included in the Premium Membership?
– All of the above.
– All the messy resources needed for each week – Little Learners Messy Play Pack.
– Printed certificates and award stickers.
– A physical copy of the Mark Making Guide.
Note that the equipment and toys are not included but I will guide you through the organisation.

What is included in the Premium Plus Membership?
– All of the above.
– PLUS the weekly rental of all of the the equipment and toys needed to “run” the class in your home. This option provides the real class experience.

What about the social aspect of classes?
I totally understand. This is an essential part of the class, not just for the children but for parental mental health. For this reason I have created a closed, private Facebook group and will also offer zoom meetings to allow us to meet up and chat.

What are the prices?
The Basic Membership is £5 per week on a subscription model. You can opt out at any time.

The Premium Membership is £12 per week on a subscription model. You can opt out at any time. You can also upgrade to this option for as many weeks as you wish, if you already are have the Basic Membership.

The Premium Plus Membership is valued at £20 per week. You have two options here: either sign up to a weekly subscription or upgrade for as many weeks as you want by paying the difference. There isn’t a minimum number of weeks, so you may choose to only have this option for 1 week or you may want to continue for as long as you wish.

Interested in our at home classes?
In order to book, click the button below.


Come and join us at Little Learners at home classes! I am hoping to meet you on the inside soon.

Alicja x

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