9 Fun Ways to Encourage Children to Write


Technology and writing

How often do your children see you write with a pen or pencil?

Mine doesn’t very often. In a world full of technology which makes our life so much easier with  laptops, tablets and above all the phone, lots of us rarely use pen and pencil. You may be the type who loves pen and pencil and I do. I love writing in a paper diary and writing ‘to do’ lists. (I love writing things on my list I have already done so I can tick them off!). But actually I have found that writing things down on my phone is so much more convenient. It means I always have my notes and lists with me. I tend to pick up my phone if I want to remember something rather than writing on paper.

Times when we used to ‘need’ to write are now in the past, like writing cheques or signing when using a debit card. Filling in forms or applications are online. Emails have taken over written letters. Technology has taken away many reasons why we would have to use a pen. Children don’t see us writing as often as they may have done before.


Is technology having an effect on our children’s writing skills?

Technology is amazing BUT children still need to learn to physically write. It is such an important skill. And children learn by imitating adults and becoming interested in everyday things that we do. So if they don’t see us write how will their interest develop? Children see us typing on phones, laptops and on tablets but how often do they have the opportunity to watch an adult write or draw?With a child who is just beginning to be interested in writing I feel that I need to show her more reasons why we need to write and fire up her interest!


Giving my child reasons to write

So I’ve been thinking of ways to show her why we write and ways she can practise writing which are fun.

1.Shopping lists – this one I can do as it is good at keeping her occupied when we shop – she can tick off the items.

2. Birthday cards- writing birthday cards with her and asking her to sign them.

3. Postcards- I love a postcard, but remembering to post them is sometimes a problem!

4. Letters – letters to Father Christmas and the tooth fairy, thank you letters…

5. Write notes to each other e.g. leave a note for someone else in the family and stick it on the fridge

6. Invitations –to their own birthday party (this depends on how many guests we are writing for!)

7. Labels- this might be a good idea for us, we definitely need to organise all of her craft stuff- writing some labels is a good plan!

8.Recipes – writing out the ingredients we need for our favourite recipes.

9. Pretending to be a waiter and taking ‘orders’ from the family for tea or write the menu for a special dinner – she loves this one!

Let children see us write

Younger children are fascinated when they watch an adult write and you might find that they start to copy you. This will encourage them to mark make as they imitate what you are doing. Older children can begin to have a go themselves and this usually starts with ‘pretend writing’ which look like scribbles across the page or lots of little marks or circles.

I am determined to make a conscious effort to write more with my daughter and encourage her to have a go. Let me know if you have any more ideas for encouraging my little one to write!

Katie x

One response to “9 Fun Ways to Encourage Children to Write”

  1. Lene says:

    Love this blog. Makes you really think, I hadn’t stopped and thought of technology changing so much when it comes to writing.
    My son is very into writing and was writing me phonics cards of words/ sounds he’d learnt at school as he wanted to teach me. He obviously thought I didn’t know my sounds.
    Another one we love to do is make flags/ write number plates for the garden toys/ cars in summer.
    Have fun writing xx

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