7 Reasons Why an August Birthday is Great!


My Daughter’s August birthday

As soon as I knew the due date of my daughter I was looking ahead to her starting school! I know that is a bit weird but she was going to have an August birthday and I just didn’t want her to be the youngest in school. I knew she would start school having just turned 4 and would be the baby of the class. Had she been born a week later she would have been at Nursery for a whole year more. Not only that, I would have had another year of her at home with me.

I worked part time before she started school and loved my days off with her. (Don’t get me wrong, we had our moments – and my moments of despair and exhaustion!) But overall we had lovely days out or quiet days in just watching the TV and I enjoyed her company. So I was sad when it was time for her to start ‘big school’. She would be starting a whole part of her life that I would not know about and a year earlier than many kids.

Starting school

I worried that the other children would be more advanced or more ready for school than my daughter. When she first started school, I did notice a difference between her and the older children. She was smaller for a start. Although she is pretty good at talking and socialising, some of her social skills were just a little less mature than some of the others. It has taken her a while to be ready for some of the academic subjects. She prefers to make ‘things’ out of bits of paper and ‘pretend’!

She has now finished her first year at school and I can see that she has really settled. She has made friends and usually skips to school each day. Her interest in reading and writing is developing and I think she will do alright!


So I need to think more positively about this August birthday thing.


7 reasons why being born in August is a good thing:

  1. You are always off school on your birthday.
  2. More likely to have good weather for an outdoor party (maybe?!).
  3. You get to leave school younger than everyone else. You can brag you were only 17 when you did your A levels etc.
  4. When you are older, all your mates you have known since school will be ageing before you! When all your friends turn 30 before you, you’ll be glad of your August birthday.
  5. There’s 4 months until Christmas, so quite a good distribution of presents throughout the year!
  6. There are no major celebrations like Christmas or Halloween to compete with – the attention is all on you!
  7. The days are longer – more time to celebrate!


Comment below if you can think of any more for me!!

Katie x


2 responses to “7 Reasons Why an August Birthday is Great!”

  1. Lene Perkin says:

    Lovely blog. Have forwarded this to my sister who has recently had a baby 🙂 Thank you xxxx

  2. Jen says:

    Ah wow, never thought of this! Brilliant xx

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