5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction


We at Little Learners are immensely proud of the work all of our franchisees have done during such a hectic year! Through so much uncertainty and adversity, our team has pushed through and provided amazing quality Covid safe classes for the masses! Our small business wouldn’t be anything without our amazing franchisees. Which is why we were ecstatic to hear that, with the help of their positive feedback, we received a 5 STAR franchisee satisfaction award!

This award in particular means a lot to us as a company for the results were generated through an extensive survey given to our own franchisee members. Provided by the ‘WorkBuzz’ franchisee consultancy, this survey provides our team members the opportunity to assess whether they are content with the work of their franchisor. Essentially, these surveys provide the franchisor a wider perspective on how they run their business, seen through the eyes of their franchisees. The survey covers multiple key dimensions that are an essential compliance for business owners such as providing substantial training and general support, maintaining strong colleague to colleague relationships and overall sustaining their leadership role successfully!

Our overall satisfaction rate came to a whopping 97%! This is AMAZING news for us, we are so glad to hear such positive feedback from our team members and really appreciate the time they took to complete the survey!

“During the pandemic the Franchisor was constantly providing support and ideas of what we could do
in a seemingly hopeless state of lockdown. She kept showing up in a positive way and encouraged
everyone with lists full of ideas, connecting through facebook lives. She brought the whole team
closer together through her exceptional leadership skills.”

“The Franchisor’s leadership is constant. She has a clear vision, keeps motivating franchisees,
promotes sharing wins (which at the same time provides amazing opportunities to share ideas).”

It is our top priority to ensure all of our franchisees feel comfortable, supported and that they’re heading in the right direction with their own goals. Being given the opportunity to confidentially voice their opinions on working for the business is super beneficial for them and provides us with the constructive overview we need to be the best business we can be!

A huge thank you to our wonderful franchisees for providing their open and honest feedback and thank you to Work Buzz for presenting us with the 5 Star Satisfaction Award!

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